Made of stainless steel to ensure a lifetime shaving experience. 

 From a solid piece of material, we created a simple and sophisticated double edge razor that translates our vision into a consistent and precise shave.

The unique fitting system, specially designed for the Masamune Razor and one of the exclusive specifications of our razor, is responsible for: High perpendicularity between handle and razor head which permits a better precision during the shaving; Symmetrical load distribution on the threads preventing excessive wear and increasing resistance; Compact and reduced clearance between the parts which provides: -Less vibration on the blade cutting line; -Smoother and safer shave; -Increase of the blade tool life. Protection to mechanical deformation of the threaded pin on the top cap. Designed to endure a lifetime

TATARA - Masamune

[예매] Masamune Stainless Steel DE Razor - Silver
[예매] Masamune Stainless Steel DE Razor - Black
[예매] Masamune Open Comb
[예매] Masamune Closed Comb
[예매] Masamune Base

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