Saponificio Varesino is still using an old method of saponification

of Marseilles, now heritage of increasingly rare soap factories.

It is an excellent producer of various soaps including shaving soaps. 


[예매] Leonardo da Vinci Straight Razor 
70th Anniversary Bath Soap 150g
Dolomiti Bath Soap 150g
Felce Aromatica Bath Soap - 150 gram
Stella Alpina Bath Soap 150g
Cosmo Bath Soap - 150g
Stella Alpina (Edelweiss) & Thermal Mud – Paper Wrapped Soap 300g
Lavanda BIO – Paper Wrapped Soap 300g
70th Anniversary Shaving Soap 150g - Beta 4.1
Cosmo Shaving Soap 150g - Special Edition Beta 4.2
Oputina Shaving Soap - Special Edition Beta 4.3
[한정] Manna di Sicilia Shaving Soap - Beta 4.3 Reformulated
[한정] Felce Aromatica Shaving Soap - Beta 4.3 (Aromatic Fern) Reformulated
Monoi de Tahiti Butter - 100gram
Felce Aromatica Shaving Soap 150g Refill - Beta 4.0
Dolomiti Shaving Soap 150g Refill - Beta 4.0
Manna di Sicilia Shaving Soap 150g Refill - Beta 4.0
Tundra Artica Shaving Soap 150g Refill - Beta 4.1
Stella Alpina Shaving Soap 150g - Beta 4.2
70th Anniversary Aftershave Balm - Special Edition 100ml
[예매] Shaving Brush 2.0 - Ebony Wood
[예매] Shaving Brush 2.0 - Faux Ivory Resin
[예매] Shaving Brush 2.0 - Turtle Shell Imitation Resin
[예매] Shaving Brush 2.0 - Ziricote
The Shaving Grail Bowl
Alder Wood Shaving Bowl
Ash Wooden Bowl - Mahogany
Ash Wooden Bowl - Walnut

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