The production of the razor now known as Fatip began in the early 1950s. The razor became immediately popular thanks to its design and workmanship. The 1980s. Ilario Fazzini, skilled artisan of Premana, launches the FATIP brand, keeping the original aesthetic features while introducing innovative manufacturing processes to increase quality and performance. “Premana is a village of artisans located 1000 m above Lake Como. It is a renowned manufacturing district for the high level production of professional knives, scissors and other cutting utensils”.

The Fatip safety razors are TOTALLY made in Italy. The metal used is brass, which is machined by the artisans of Premana, first in the form and then plated in the various finishings. The razors are recognizable by their unusual Original “open comb” Head, which guarantees the perfect, clean shave for every type of facial hair. Today, the Fatip razor range also includes the Gentle “closed comb” head for a more delicate, easy shave. 


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