Stirling Soap was founded by Rod and Amanda in 2012 after Scotland tour.

Its soaps are made with the same natural ingredients as the more expensive handmade soaps but they are much cheaper, vegan-friendly and environmentally friendly.


Synthetic Shaving Brush - 22mm X 51mm
Synthetic Shaving Brush - 24mm X 51mm
Synthetic Shaving Brush Pro Handle - 26mm X 54mm
Synthetic Shaving Brush - 26mm X 63mm (Kong)
Stirling Shampoo Bar - Rosemary Mint
Stirling Bath Soap - Baker Street
Stirling Unrefined Shea Butter
Ozark Mountain Shaving Soap 165g
Mountain Man Shaving Soap 165g
Margaritas in the Arctic Shaving Soap - 165 gram
Piacenza Shaving Soap 165g
Scots Pine Sheep Shaving Soap 165g
Sand Piper Shaving Soap - 165 gram
Executive Men Shaving Soap 165g
Sharp Dressed Man Shaving Soap 165g
Dunshire Shaving Soap - 165 gram
Arkadia Shaving Soap - 165 gram

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