A true story... of when the barber’s was a place in which to enjoy a moment of pleasure and well-being; of when Cella opened in the heart of Milan, soon becoming a point of reference for style in the Italian world of shaving. Back in 1899, master soap makers and perfumers set out to combine extensive experience with a passion for excellence and high standards of craftsmanship, creating a line of products for gentlemen and professional barbers. The Cella radio jingles and adverts rose to fame in the '50s and '60s. It is still produced today according to the original production process created back in 1899 "Its excellent quality and high performance are the greatest gift the consumer could wish for" This is the original description of the super-concentrated formula which, with just a small quantity of product, can be lathered up to create a creamy, soft, firm foam. "Surprisingly gentle" This description emphasises how the Cella cream soap helps the blade glide over the skin, ensuring an irritation-free shave and soft, fresh skin.


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