Trost and Kormann are taking the shaving world by storm by re-thinking and re-imaging your traditional shave. Texture – Their creams/soaps seem to defy classification. Not quite cream, not quite soap. This putty-like shaving essential is packed with moisturizing ingredients like mango butter and argan oil. Of course, this brings up debate in the lathering world: face/palm/or mug. Regardless of how to produce it, the resulting lather is worth writing home about – creamy, billowy, protectant, dense, rich. Sensitive skin – This soap got it’s start in an attempt to create a product that didn’t irritate sensitive, allergy prone faces. They achieved that aim with Stimu-tex, a Swiss-made proprietary ingredient to protect and moisturize. The post-shave experience is almost as well legendary as the shave itself. Users have claimed that the effects of this product last so long that they don’t even need a post-shave balm/lotion/splash. Unique scent – Kormann creates all of their bespoke fragrances and they will have you clamoring for more: Vetiver & Tangerine (earthy & fruity), Dark Lavender (not your grandma’s scent), Olibanum (a spiritual experience).



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