Blackland was formed in 2015 by Shane Swartzlander. The name Blackland is loosely derived from the German translation of Shane's last name. We found our inspiration in the high-end watch industry. With modern technology even cheap watches keep time remarkably well. However, any owner of a fine watch will attest that telling time isn't the only reason to buy a watch. A quality timepiece tells a story. It speaks of the attention-obsessed designers refusing to compromise. It speaks of quality materials selected not for their affordability, but for their durability. Most of all it conveys pride. Founded in 2015, Blackland has adopted that philosophy and we apply it to the finest shaving tools you can find - each designed to last a lifetime. Nothing would make us happier than for your razor to be passed down from you to your son and from him to his. Anything short of that longevity is unacceptable. We believe in blurring the line between artwork and functional tools. It is our promise that every product we make is crafted to last a lifetime and designed to perform as well as it looks. Every Blackland product is meticulously designed by us and made by hand-selected small manufacturers here in the USA. Shane is a hopeless podcast and coffee addict who spends his spare time playing guitar. 


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