What differentiates ours from other safety razors is its mix of superb performance and design, solid production style, quality craftwork embroidery and the use of 316 stainless steel. It takes approximately one week to complete production of the razor; moving from rough material assembly to packaging. We have a capacity of 3 products to produce in a week. There are no molting, plating, welding or pressing methods applied into our products. In this way, our 100% seamless, high quality product, is guaranteed to demonstrate improved durability. 

Each unit passes through a two phase quality control procedure. Both before and after polishing, basic measurement and surface control tests are conducted. After polishing, the product is tested by a razor safety specialist. It also goes through a two-step medical hygienic test before packaging. Each phase of the production involves archived photographic monitoring. To prevent any scratching of the pieces during transport and customs control, a protective band is placed on the solid box.


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