The RazoRock story began on an Italian holiday in 2009. Joseph’s father-in-law, who is a retired Italian Barber, asked Joseph to find and bring back some alum stones. Alum stones at the time were very difficult to find locally in North America and his father-in-law couldn’t shave without one! Michael and Joseph were both curious about these salty looking stones so they gave them a try. The stones sealed minor nicks, toned the skin and helped to knock out any post shave irritation…an idea and a business were instantly born! The business started as a hobby and a pastime but as they both dove head first into the world of traditional wet shaving they quickly realized how luxurious and fulfilling this lost art of shaving could be. Michael and Joseph began contacting artisan producers of shaving soaps and aftershaves in Italy and contracting them to make special formulations just for them under the RazoRock brand. Today, RazoRock has an entire line of wet shaving products including special recipe Italian shaving soaps, artisan made pre-shaves and aftershaves, shaving brushes, traditional safety razors, a great selection of natural deodorants and a lot more.


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