Our company was unofficially founded in 2010, the year in which a series of unfortunate events soon led to the birth of “The Goodfellas’ smile” brand. Today we might call 2010 our lucky year, but my wife and I certainly didn’t see it that way at the time. That was the year Luisa lost her job due to the “economic crisis” and the year home loans skyrocketed (and we had just taken out a 30-year loan). Still, I needed a shave. I remember it was a Saturday morning; For at least 15 minutes in that mall, I stood there in front of the shelf with a pack of 4 Mach 3 spares in my hand. It makes me smile to think about it today, but I didn’t have the money to pay for them and the fact that those plastic parts cost so much drove me crazy. I came out of there with no spare parts but with an idea; to make myself a razor. I was a designer, for crying out loud. However, the thought quickly crept into my head that others might have the same problem as me. Within a short space of time, everyone was desperate to buy one, and we didn’t have time to prepare them and they were already sold. We couldn’t even believe what was happening. The obsessive attention to detail for which my wife has always been known finally had a field of application! A year later, our brand The Goodfellas’ smile was officially born. From that moment on, our only desire was to be able to make products dedicated to traditional shaving available to everyone at the right price.


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